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See how much is left to spend on your card. Or you could donate any remaining balance in-store at your favourite participating charity shop.

Common questions…

Balance and Validity

Q. How can I check the balance of the card or voucher?
A. You can check your balance here.

Q. How long is the card valid for?
A.  Cards purchased are valid for two years after the card is activated. This might be shorter if the card was issued by a third party. Your current balance and expiry can be checked here.

Using Your Gift Card

Q. Where can I spend my card or voucher
A. The current list of participating locations that can accept the card is here. We are constantly adding new locations.

Q. Can I use the card online?
A. Currently none of the charities accept the card online but we are working towards this.

Q. Can I use the card on a charity eBay site?
A. No. The card can only be spent in a participating charity retail store.

Q. There isn’t anything I want to buy with the gift card, what can I do?
A. Charity shops are constantly changing their stock so if you don’t find anything that you want, try a different shop or return a few weeks later.

Q. Can I donate the value of the gift card to a charity?
A. You can ask the charity to take a donation in store.

Q. Do I need to spend my gift card at once?
A. No, you can use your gift card multiple times, until the entire balance has been spent or your card or voucher expires.

Q. Can a gift card be used in part payment for products sold in a Charity Shop?
A. Yes, you can use your gift card to pay in full or in part payment towards the goods you are purchasing in store. In the event of part payment, you will need to pay any remaining balance by a payment method accepted by the participating charity shop.

Q. The charity store would not accept my gift card, what should I do?
A. Only participating charity stores can accept the card as payment. If one of these charity stores refused to accept your gift card or voucher, please contact us with your card details, and the name and location of the store so we can assist.

Q. My gift card has expired, what can I do?
A. Once your gift card has expired, it can no longer be used and any unspent funds remaining on the card at expiry are retained by Gift Card CIC or returned to the council or support agency that loaded the funds.

Q. The gift card did not work, can you help?
A. There are a few reasons that the card may have been declined:

Your gift card has expired.  You will need to pay via another form of tender e.g. cash or credit card.

Staff are not processing the gift card correctly. Cards have to be processed as a gift card not as a debit or credit card

The store is not a participating retailer. Please check here for a full list of stores.

Q. My gift card has not been activated, what can I do?
A.  If the gift card was bought in store, please go back to the store with your gift card and sales receipt to have it activated. Without a receipt, the store may not be able to activate your card.

If you gift card was bought online, please contact us with your card number and order number and we will assist you in activating your card.

If you have received your card through a reward or benefit scheme, please contact the company that provided it.

If you do not know where your card was purchased, please contact the person who gave you the gift card and ask them if they have proof of purchase.

Buying a Card

Q. Where can I buy a gift card or digital voucher?
A. Cards are available to buy online here or can be bought from most participating charity stores.

Q. Can I buy gift cards in bulk?
A.  Please contact us at Payment can only be completed by bank transfer and must be received prior to the order being processed).

Lost, Stolen and Damaged Cards
Q. My gift card was lost/stolen/damaged, can you replace it?
A. No, we do not replace cards or vouchers.
Returns and Refunds

Q. I no longer want the gift card, can I return it?
A. Please contact where the card was purchased from. The return policy of the business where the card was purchased applies.

Q. I’m returning goods purchased using the gift card, can I get a refund?
A. The store refund policy applies.

Q. I’m unable to spend the balance on the gift card, can I get a refund.
A. Unfortunately not but you might want to consider donating the value on the card at a participating charity store.

About Us

Q. Who operates the gift card programme?
A. We are Gift Card CIC, a social enterprise working in conjunction with the Charity Retail Association and in partnership with the charities to issue and manage the gift card programme on their behalf.

Q. Are you a charity?
A. We are a Social Enterprise which means that the majority of our profits will go to the communities we strive to help. We work hard to keep the costs of the programme as low as we can to maximise the revenue for the charities.

Working With Us

Q. How do I find out more about working with you?
A.  Please contact us by emailing

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