Keeping it local

Charity shops are often staffed by local people, whether paid staff or volunteers, and this helps create a sense of community which can help reduce loneliness and help provide local help and support.  They are also reflective of their local high street in terms of the kind items they sell and the prices they sell for – meaning they are even more suited to the local community.

More than a shop

Did you know that some charity shops specially train their staff to be able to offer advice and signposting?  As the offer of charity shops expands, many incorporate cafes and community spaces into their shops meaning that the customer experience is more than purely transactional.

Caring for the community

Our regional charity shop partners provide a range of vital services in the community; from end-of-life care to mental health support.  By using The Charity Shop Gift Card to disburse funds, organisations are directly helping to fund this ongoing work; two good causes for the price of one.

Good for the heart and mind

Volunteering benefits physical and mental health as well as helping to reduce loneliness and social isolation.  Many charity shops have regular visitors who are marginalised members of society that just come in for a chat and for something to do, meaning they can be very well placed to support people who have received the gift card as part of their crisis funding.

Dignity of choice

For many people experiencing financial hardship or some form of crisis, the luxury of choice has been taken away from them.  Providing disbursements in the form of The Charity Shop Gift Card gives some autonomy back as they are able to choose clothes, furniture and homewares, that they like, from the huge range of quality preloved goods available in charity shops.