Written by Kayleigh Shore

Charity shopping with kids…

As a child, I was always in and out of charity shops with my mum and aside from the awkward teenage phase, I’ve always loved it. Now I have my own child, she doesn’t know anything other than charity shops, it’s fab!

Here are my top tips for charity shopping with kids:

  • Before you go, round up some old toys and clothes. Explain the idea of charity shops, you donate things so other people can use them and they don’t get thrown away. We try to do a one in one out policy.
  • Give them their own purse with a little bit of money in it, they can choose whatever they want but it has to be within this budget. (You’ll be surprised what a couple of pounds will get them!)
  • Get public transport, it makes for a fun journey. Never underestimate how exciting public transport is for kids, especially if you usually drive everywhere.
  • Let them give over the donations, my little girl loves doing this and the staff always make her feel really special when she hands over the goods.
  • Try and break the day up with a little park trip in-between. I always try to map out where the nearest local playground is and pop there for an hour or so for a quick run around.
  • Take snacks and drinks. You don’t want to spot the vintage leather jacket of dreams, be torn away, and come back to it gone forever!
  • Have fun, this is hands down one of my favorite, low-cost days out with my daughter. Get that sustainable conversation started young.

Let me know how you get on!


A photo of KayleighKayleigh is a sustainable fashion instagrammer, who owns Be Diddy a kids vintage and lifestyle store based in Chorlton South Manchester. Check out the website at www.bediddyshop.com and instagram here