Refugee Council logo with blue background, pictured next to a refugee.

“The Charity Shop Gift Card is a fantastic way for refugee communities to be able to access essential items in a way that promotes dignity and choice, and gives them the agency to choose the items that would suit them best.” – The Refugee Council

The Refugee Council is a leading charity working with refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK and exists to support and empower people who have made the heart-breaking decision to flee conflict, violence and persecution in order to rebuild their lives here in the UK.

They work with over 13,000 women, men and children each year who are desperately seeking safety and this number is only set to increase over the coming year.

If you’re wondering how to help refugees, The Charity Shop Gift Card is partnering with the Refugee Council and the Charity Retail Association to raise funds for gift cards so that people arriving in the UK can shop with dignity and choice in the charity shops on their local high streets.

Charity shops offer a huge range of brands and styles – here’s how your donations could be spent:

  • £5 could buy coat or pair of shoes
  • £10 could buy books, toys and baby items for a child refugee who has left everything behind
  • £20 could buy selection of clothing basics
  • £100 could buy many of the essential items a family would need to start rebuilding their lives

100 percent of donated funds will be loaded onto gift cards and distributed by the Refugee Council to people that they are supporting. Unspent funds on expired cards will be returned to the fundraising total to be loaded onto further cards.  

As part of our collaboration with the Refugee Council, Kellie from their destitution centre in Hackney told us how The Charity Shop Gift Card will help people that they are supporting