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Instore Promotion

Ideas for instore promotion of The Charity Shop Gift Card

We have been asked by many charities if we provide any sort of display for the gift cards and we’ve always shied away from providing anything, in part unsure if one design would work for all charities and also trying to minimise the environmental impact of the scheme. After some creative thinking, we are now encouraging charities to use or upcycle some of the donated items to help showcase the card to your customers.

A cassette case makes a great way of display the card but equally the cards can be placed in a picture frame, or stacked in a jewellery box (or any suitable box).

Please do share any creative ways of displaying the cards that you have as we love to see and share the ideas.

As a reminder, we supply the cards free of charge and they have no value until activated via your EPOS.

We have now also developed a range of posters that are available to download from our website, including our latest campaign – The Summer of Preloved to help encourage festival goers to be as sustainable as possible!