The Charity Shop Gift Card Cardholder Agreement  

This Card is issued and distributed by Gift Card CIC, trading as The Charity Shop Gift Card. In these terms and conditions ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our are Gift Card CIC, incorporated in England and Wales with company number 13237542 with registered office and correspondence address at The Wheatsheaf, Briggate, Elland, HX5 9HG and  ‘you’ and ‘your are the Card purchaser or user. 

1 Agreement

1.1 By purchasing and/or using the Card, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (‘T&Cs’).  If you purchased the Card for someone else then you must advise the ultimate cardholder that these T&Cs are available online at  

1.2 The Card remains our property. You should retain the original receipt or record of purchase of the Card and the Card number as it may be required to provide you with customer services or to assist with respect to transaction errors.

1.3 We reserve the right to change these T&Cs at any time. The most-up-to-date and applicable version of these T&Cs can be viewed at

1.4 Customer Services: For queries contact us by Email:, Telephone: 01422 48 00 48 or by post at the above address.  We can provide a copy of our complaints handling policy upon request. 


2 The Card

2.1 The Card is a non-reloadable prepaid gift card.

2.2 The Card is not a credit card and is not linked to a deposit account.

2.3 The Card is valid for twenty-four (24) months from the date of activation and cannot be used after expiry. At expiry, the remaining available balance will be forfeited and retained by Gift Card CIC. We will not give you any notice before this happens. 

3 Using the Card

3.1 The Card can only be used for purchasing goods and services in retailers participating in The Charity Shop Gift Card programme with which we have commercial agreements requiring acceptance of the Card. These charity retailers are listed at  (‘Charity/ies’), this list of Charities is subject to change. Participating Charities may choose to act through their wholly-owned trading subsidiaries.

3.2 The Card can be used for purchases at the Charity retail outlets. Using the Card for part payment of goods or services is permitted at the discretion of the Charity.

3.3 The Card may not be accepted against purchases of new goods, lotteries, raffles or any other non-donated goods or services.  This is at the discretion of the Charity.

3.4 The balance on the Card will be reduced by each purchase transaction amount and any remaining funds will stay on the Card as long as the Card is valid or until the remaining funds are used in full.

3.5 The Charity is responsible for the correct processing of the Card.

3.6 The Charity is responsible for providing the goods or services you purchase. For problems relating to your purchases from a Charity, you must deal directly with the Charity involved.

3.7 We are not liable in any way if the Card is not accepted for any particular transaction except where the authorisation has been declined because it is our fault.   

3.8 Any refunds on transactions using the Card are subject to the policy of the specific Charity. If the Card expires or is cancelled before you have spent any funds resulting from a refund, then you will have no access to those funds.

3.9 We may restrict or stop the use of the Card if we reasonably suspect the Card is being used in connection with suspicious or fraudulent activities or we do not receive funds from you in the full amount of the activated balance of the Card. 

4 Restrictions on using the Card:

4.1 The Card cannot be used at ATM’s or to obtain or redeem cash.

4.2 The Card can only be used at Charities instore to purchase goods or services.  The Card cannot be used for online purchases at any of the Charities.

4.3 The Card cannot be used for making direct debit, recurring, or regular instalment payments.

4.4 At the discretion of the Charity, the Card may not be accepted against new goods, lotteries, raffles or any other non-donated goods and services. 

5 Purchase & Activation

5.1 The minimum balance that may be loaded to your Card is £20 and the maximum balance is £100 unless the Card has been issued by a third party.

5.2 For instore purchases, the Charity (or its wholly owned trading subsidiary) selling the Card (whether directly or via its trading entity) acts as our sales agent and is entitled to receive a sales commission for all card sales made. The Card is activated on purchase at point of sale by the Charity and does not need to be activated by the Cardholder. The Card can be used for purchases immediately after activation.

5.3 For online purchase, the Card is activated at the time of purchase. 

6 Returns & Cancellations

6.1 If you purchased the Card online, and it has not yet been used, then you may cancel the purchase within 14 days of the date you receive the Card by contacting the website where the purchase was made.  For purchases from, please contact Customer Services. Any available balance will be refunded to you.

6.2 If the Card was purchased in-store, the refund policy of that store applies.  You should retain the original receipt or record of purchase of the Card and the Card number as you may be required to provide it. 

7 Lost or Stolen

7.1 The Card is like cash and may not be replaced if misused, lost, stolen or damaged and no financial compensation scheme exists with respect to the Card. You are responsible for all transactions on the Card, except where there has been fraud or negligence by our staff or agents.  

7.2 If you notice any error relating to the Card or you lose your Card, then you should call Customer Services immediately.  

8 Balance of the Card

8.1 You can view your balance anytime at (free of charge). We reserve the right to correct the available balance of your Card if we believe a clerical or accounting error has occurred. 

9 Card expiry and termination

9.1 The Card is valid for twenty-four (24) months from the date of activation and cannot be used after this period expires. 

9.2 This Card program may be terminated for any reason. If this happens your Card may no longer be used and you will be entitled to surrender and redeem your Card for the amount of the available balance at such time of redemption by contacting Customer Services.  

    10 Fees

    10.1 There are no fees payable by you associated with using the Card. The Charities pay a card redemption fee to Gift Card CIC for every purchase made using the Card at that participating charity’s retail outlets.

    11 Liability

    11.1 We will have no liability for unauthorised access to, or use of your Card or for any delay or inability to use the Card or if we have suspended or terminated the use of the Card in accordance with these T&Cs.

    11.2 We make no warranty or representation, whether express or implied with respect to the Card or purchases made using the Card including but not limited to any warranty regarding quality or fitness for a particular purpose, or whether the Card will always be accepted.

    11.3 Nothing in these T&Cs limits our liability where it cannot be limited or excluded at law. 

    12 Information and data collection

    12.1 Information (which may include your personal information, if you have provided it to us) may be disclosed to third parties where required by law, to operate the Card and process transactions, to prevent financial crime, to provide you with services you request and if necessary to notify you of any service changes. For full information about the personal information we process see our privacy policy at

      13 Governing law

      13.1 The laws of England will apply to these T&Cs and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.