The Charity Shop Gift Card is partnering with Clothing Collective to support the growing number of people in need as the cost-of-living crisis deepens.  

For people experiencing financial hardship, clothing needs can get pushed down the list of priorities as food and fuel poverty are often the most pressing issues. This partnership hopes to support people facing these challenges. 

The Charity Shop Gift Card, developed in partnership with the Charity Retail Association, is the first multi-retailer gift card that can be used exclusively in charity shops. This partnership will see Clothing Collective fund gift cards to distribute to their partner organisations to support people experiencing clothing poverty, utilising The Charity Shop Gift Card’s growing network of regional and national charity shops, including Marie Curie, YMCA, The Children’s Society, Shelter and Crisis. Using The Charity Shop Gift Card’s redemption network, Clothing Collective are able to distribute gift cards to organisations around the country including Trussell Trust, Centrepoint and Migrant Help. 

The Charity Shop Gift Card is delighted to be working with an organisation that shares our core value of support centred around dignity, providing people with the autonomy to choose what they want or need from charity shops. 

Sarah Cox, co-founder of The Charity Shop Gift Card, said: “Clothing Collective are so aligned with the founding ethos behind the support sector side of The Charity Shop Gift Card, that it makes perfect sense for us to be working together. Having been aware of Clothing Collective for some time, I’m so excited to watch this partnership grow and, most importantly, play a role in getting help to the people who need it most.” 

Founder of Clothing Collective, Antony Wroe, said: “Clothing Collective is so pleased to be partnering with an organisation that is trying to reduce the stigma around charity shopping. The partnership is creating an infrastructure that makes distributing the Cards easy and the process of using them free from judgement.” 

This work is a step on the path to achieving a more circular approach to welfare as the financial support given to people in need stays within the charity sector and supports the amazing work of charity partners as the cards are spent in their shops. The Card supports the growing second-hand revolution and circular economy by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. As a social enterprise, a minimum of 65% of the gift card scheme’s surplus will go towards funding charity shop gift cards for people facing financial hardship.  

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