Written By Maisie Cartmell

With the festive season nearly upon us, The Charity Shop Gift Card offers the perfect charitable and sustainable gift. 

As featured as the Editor’s Pick in You magazine, The Charity Shop Gift Card is the first multi-retailer gift card exclusively for charity shops. It offers the opportunity to give more sustainably, buy more consciously, and support good causes. 

Research has found that two thirds of Britons receive unwanted Christmas gifts and 23 million of these gifts end up in landfill contributing to the 30% increase in household waste typically seen at this time of year. But the waste isn’t just environmental as reports have suggested that £5 billion is spent on unwanted gifts. 

The gift cards support the growing second-hand revolution and simultaneously reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. The Charity Shop Gift Card is a gift that is guaranteed to please as your colleagues, friends and family can choose what they want and even use it for a fun shopping day out all while knowing they are supporting a worthwhile cause. 

The Charity Shop Gift Card helps charities boost their own income by tapping into the £7 billion gift card market. Research by the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association found that more than 20 per cent of people would be happy for a donation to charity to be made on their behalf instead of receiving a physical gift, the Charity Shop Gift Card allows you to give both. 

So, this festive season, if you are stuck on what to give your thrifty friend, your workplace secret Santa, or your mum who says she doesn’t want any presents this year, then give #agiftcardforgood. 

The gift cards themselves are recyclable and compostable and are available from participating charities, at supermarkets, other major high street retailers and from www.thecharityshopgiftcard.co.uk.