Valentines, Palentines, Galentines…  if you are looking for a sustainable gift this Valentine’s Day that shows you care about your loved one and the planet, look no further than your local charity shops.. 

At The Charity Shop Gift Card we think that spending time choosing a gift from a charity shop shows you have put more thought into your present rather than grabbing a generic bunch of flowers at the supermarket or panic buying some chocolates at the garage.  We asked our thrifting community to share their favourite preloved gifts and what it meant to them, and we love what they came back with! 


Preloved designer gift hint
Chanel Earrings

“Preloved gift from my partner. I saw them on vinted and sent him the link. I know people wouldn’t wear preloved earrings but I sterilised the backs when I got them and they’ve been fine. I was so happy with them.“ @secondhandstylequeen 

Chanel Earrings and their packaging from Vinted

Sustainable fashion from friends
Yellow Blazer and a dress  

“I’ve gotten some gorgeous secondhand gifts from friends over the past couple of years! Including; a friends jumper, dresses including one which a friend embroidered for me, a yellow blazer, many many books, a beret and I’m sure more I’ve forgotten! With some friends we do Secret Santa and they have to be secondhand gifts, it’s wonderful!’ @alannah_the_thrifty_llamma

Alannah in her preloved gifted yellow blazer and dress


Niche nick-nacks
Plate, royal memorabilia and vintage buttons 

“My partner is a builder so when he spotted this little ornament of a builder and his wife in a charity shop, he got it for me as it reminded him of us.  We don’t look anything like the couple but I think it’s cute!  My family and friends know I love a bit of kitsch royal memorabilia so if they see some in the charity shops they’ll grab it for me.  When I received this tin, they’d filled with old buttons – things I absolutely love and not a present you can just buy in a ‘normal’ shop  I’d much prefer thoughtful presents like this because they show that the person gifting it really knows you and was reminded of you while they were out and about – so much more personal!”  Sarah 

Buttons in a royal memerobilia tin and a charity shopped ornament

A gift card for good 

For those of you that are looking for a sustainable gift idea this Valentine’s Day but don’t trust your thrifting abilities, there is always The Charity Shop Gift Card; a charity card that helps the planet, supports local and national charities and is the perfect present for someone who prefers preloved to mass produced.  

The Charity Shop Gift Card super-fan Amy thinks it’s the best sustainable gift idea (and she should know – she’s received LOTS of them!) 

Amy with her charity shop gift card

“I’ve been gifted lots and lots of charity shop gift cards. People think I’m quite hard to buy for now I only shop secondhand. They know they are always safe with a charity shop gift card. I love going back and showing everyone all the goodies I managed to buy with the card!” @amylorenz 


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